SAP Business One – Tip & Trick

Utilization of Resource Master With Production Order In SAP Business One (Manufacturing Resource Planning)

Resource Master :
– When we are in Manufacturing Unit with Mass Production Goods, we often arise hurdle while Audit Cost Point of View with Overhead Cost.
– Manufacture hub has to be for plan production – looking at Demand and Supply of Finished Goods and Raw Materials and considering Capacity Constraints – Labour(Man Power), Machine and Resource availability.
– In SAP Business One ERP we can easily utilized Our other Resource as per For-Casting of Marketing Supply Chain.
– With the help Of the Production Order we can easily get exact cost on each Goods that we are sold and what we Manufacturing.
– There are several Overhead Expense are Fuel Charge, Electricity Charge, Gas Charge, Labour Cost, these we can allocation in BOM with Resource Type.
– Although we can use it with linked to item as Non-Inventory, which means posting in Sales or Purchase Order.
– Also allocation with Fixed Assets and Define Resource Property

Resource Master Creation +Planning Data :
: In SAP B1 we can create Multiple type of Resource like Machine, Labour, Liquid etc.
– In the Column Default Std Cost, enter Costs charged for one Defined unit of Measure
– Planning Data : With Capacity for Machines, labour and other Equipment.
– Example : Below the Capacity that has been Configured for a Assembly Machine based on Uptime Available for the Machine Monday to Friday as Daily Basis (8*2=16 Hour)
– Choose Our Capacity Type and Capacity Period that we want to Review as For-Casting on Demand Supply Chain.
– Also we can narrow down our Capacity Constraints by Warehouse, Resource Code, Resource Group and Resource type.
– After Click the Refresh Button Click the Resource Capacity Planning Screen will appear with the Resource and dates together with available Resource, Internal Resource, Committed and Consumed Resource.
– As we see with attached file with this data help to the Production Manager can then re-schedule this Production or can Increase the Capacity on that day.
– At Last we can make a Production Order and Issue and Receipt From Production we can get Exact Costing of Finish Goods with Overhead and Raw Material Cost.
– Raw Material Cost 267.33 + Overhead Expense 160 = 427.33 Finish Goods Cost
– This Example is very short And Simple but As per Management requirement We Can make Different kind Of Resource with their Business Process. #SAPBusinessOne #SAPB1 #MidSizeBusiness #SME #SAPB1Consultants #FreeLance #SAPB1FreeLance

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